Balgowlah-Manly Probus Club


The Balgowlah-Manly Probus Club is the result of the merger of the Manly Ladies Probus club and the Balgowlah Probus Club which took place in early 2016.

Probus is not a service club, does not engage in fund raising or community sponsorship, is non-sectarian and non-political.

Probus is a club of active senior members of the community who no longer work full time and are able to join together in a comfortable and compatible environment to share experiences for a new lease of life through social interaction and the making of new friends.

Probus recognises that there is a time to take things easy, but still enjoy the company of others of similar age and participate in a variety of special interest activities. It provides opportunities to keep members minds active, expand their interests and enjoy fellowship.

                               Why not join us at the Balgowlah-Manly Probus Club?

                                          We meet at – BALGOWLAH RSL CLUB

                                                     30/38 Ethel St, Seaforth NSW 2092  



                     on:                   2nd Friday of every month

              Registration at 10.15 am for meeting commencement at 10.30 am.

Meeting formalities usually conclude within a half hour followed by morning tea and a guest speaker.

                                     Balgowlah Probus Club

Was formed in 1984 as an all-male club sponsored by the Rotary Club of Balgowlah.
Rotary Clubs are responsible for the formation of Probus Clubs.  Rotarians saw that there was a need for former Rotarians and retired business and professional people to have an organization to which they could belong.  Thus the name “Probus” was born – Professional and Business.  The organization was to be based on fellowship – not fund raising.

And so the Rotary Club of Balgowlah took up the challenge.  At its meeting of 10th September, 1980 a motion was carried unanimously that a Probus Club be formed at the North Balgowlah Community Centre.

The records say that the Probus Club of Balgowlah was inaugurated on 14th October, 1984 and that the first official meeting was on 14th December, 1984.  There were 24 Foundation Members with Noel Bernasconi, President and John Hunt, secretary.  Although Col Blow, Lionel Evans, Doug Hodge and Ray Hamilton were early members, it appears that none of the Foundation Members are still alive.  

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                                  Manly Ladies Probus Club

The Probus Manly Ladies Club was formed in 1987
1. Rotary Club of Manly approves the formation of a Manly Ladies Probus Club with a membership limit up to 60.

2. An interest meeting was held on 28th September 1987 at Manly Civic Club, convenor of meeting was Ed Wilson, Chairman of Manly Rotary’s Senior Services Committee.

Welcome letter from Probus Centre – South Pacific Inc. dated 1st October 1987 indicated we are now one of some 500 Probus Clubs in the South Pacific region with membership of approx. 30,000.   Accreditation Certificate dated 13th November 1987 issued.

3. September 1992 Manly Ladies Probus Club became Incorporated with the BNSW Premier’s Dept now Dept of Fair Trading.

Membership peaked at 90 in years 1996 through to 2000.

Alderman Jean Hay was the Patron.

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